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Bringing the Rhythms of Portugal to Sydney

Portugal is famous for its music, being one of the most ancient countries in Europe. One of its most famous music genres is Fado, a type of Portuguese singing known for its expressive and melancholic character. It can best be described by using the Portuguese word “saudade”, which means equal parts “longing” and “nostalgia”. 

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Paulo Valentim has been a fado guitarist, composer, lyricist and artist for more than twenty years. Recently he composed, in partnership, the music for the show “Fado – History of a People”, on stage at Casino Estoril and was part of the Jury on the television contest “I was born for the fado”, a Portuguese Music legacy Ambassaodor  who will always be the soul of Fado.


André is a Portuguese pianist and composer who has steadily been building his portfolio as a live performer and film composer. Recently he has collaborated with film projects from the USA, Iceland, Spain, Germany, Sweden and Japan and one of these works (‘Our Father’ by Linda Palmer) has granted him a ‘Best Score’ award at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards.

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