sydney lusomia 2018

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The identity of a country is hidden behind its traditions, values and gastronomy. For the first time in Australia, from the 5th to the 11th of June, explore your senses with the Pleasure of Portugal at the Lusomia Festival.

The theme of the first every Lusomia Festival in Sydney is dedicated to Prazer of Portugal or the Pleasure of Portugal. Lusomia is all about a journey of the senses, through wines, exotic cocktails and mouth watering gastronomy.



lusomia Gastronomic activities

Product Tasting

Producers offering gourmet products

Lusomia Gala Dinner

A lavish experience with renowned Chefs and the finest Wines with proceeds going to Charity

Cooking Demo

Chefs executing original recipes on stage

Portuguese Wine & Dine Festival Sydney

From the finest Portuguese wines to mouth watering delights

Portuguese Modern Gastronomy Lecture

Learn recipes to impress your friends and family with your culinary skills

masters Chefs & Mixologists

Sydney Lusomia 2018 will have the participation of the finest Portuguese Chefs.

Chef Julio Pereira

Julio is a published author and has dedicated himself to all things Madeira. Recipes and gastronomical traditions of Madeira are a specialty for Chef Julio Pereira.
Aside from working in various Madeira restaurants, Julio has also been a chef in Angola and São Tomé and Principe, as well as Lisbon, where he worked in a few restaurants, i.e. Penha Longa.
A "Universal Cuisine" is what Julio promises, adding new ingredients to mix-up dishes with a most varied influence.

Red Frog Speakeasy – Ring the Bell for Entrance to Fun in Lisbon

If you thought the prohibition era was long gone! Well, no one told the owners of Red Frog Speakeasy in Lisbon. This cool bar, reminiscent of a secret 1920s New York bar, sits behind a closed door with no signage at the entrance. Just go and ring the bell under the Red Frog on the wall. After a few moments, the door opens to a bohemian lounge with expert bartenders shaking, mixing and stirring signature cocktails to the sounds of swing, jazz, funk or rock. The long, narrow basement space enjoys a Prohibition meets Victorian vibe, you will find rear features trinkets like a vintage telephone, pictures adorn the walls and the bartenders also have a retro, Contemporary and unique style, it’s understandable why Red Frog is rated as one of the 50 Best Bars in the World, according to Located in our own backyard in Lisbon. Always with regularly changing menu is as creative as you'd expect. Impressively, drinks featuring ingredients as crazily diverse as champagne reduction, patchouli and a cocktail onion don't just taste good but feel intellectually coherent.

Top 100 Mixologist

From The Red Frog Bar

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