About Us

Welcome to LUSOMIA Core Values

First International Festival promoting all aspects of Portuguese Heritage to the World 

Who We Are

Hospitality & Entertainment Professionals Exposing  gastronomy, wine, traditions and art.

Our Mission

To promote, export and offer Portuguese culture and traditions to the world.

What We Do

Organise festivals in association with the best professionals to promote Portuguese culture to the public.

Our History

It all started in Macau SAR in 2016 when the Association “Simbiose” was created amongst a group of friends and colleagues with the target of promoting Portuguese and Lusophone culture in Macau. Australia, being one of the most sophisticated countries, with its citizens celebrating different cultures, was chosen first as it was time to introduce a modern and vibrant Portugal that went beyond Peri Peri chicken.

A word from our founder

"Being proud of one's cultural heritage, while respecting and embracing other cultures, is essential to a true Global Citizen. That is what Lusomia is about. Opening our heart, our culture, and overall legacy to the rest of the World."
André Sá Correia
Lusomia Festival founder

Meet the Team

Fabio Sa Alves

Franck Trenza

João Alves
Logistics Manager

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Do you have a Portuguese food, product or entertainment offering to share?